Story is Everything

Shine light on what YOU do by taking a step back and really thinking through what makes your organization unique.

It’s what makes you you that matters in the marketplace, whether you’re a business or a nonprofit. And sometimes, you might need help figuring that out.

That’s where I come in. We’ll talk. I’ll ask questions, and we’ll go deep on what matters to you. You answers will shape changes to your content in every medium: websites, social media, video, photography, even PowerPoints and elevator speeches.

Exploring what you do with genuine curiosity and empathy for your audience will make a deep difference. It’s like night and day.

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It Makes a Difference to work with Impact in mind

Take a look at your website, your social media, your photos. Really look. Are you showing how what you do changes things? Or are you just saying what you’ve done without going that extra step to say why it matters?

Let’s say your a tech company. Does your website list all the same things every competitor lists? Or do you go further and say how your knowledge, your expertise and your approach yields a different and better result?

I’ve worked with a lot of nonprofits. A LOT. All of them talk about mission. All of them talk about activities they’ve done. Most talk about the number of people they serve. But it’s rare to see examples of true impact–the meaningful changes this organization makes in the lives of individuals and the community.  

 Saying what you intend to do is not the same as showing what you’ve done.

And what you’ve done is what sets you apart. That’s how I see it. And that’s how potential supporters or customers see it.

Let me help you tell your story in a way that makes a difference–by showing the difference YOU make.


Angles, lighting and lenses all are important, but getting the RIGHT photo means knowing what story you’re trying to tell. And that calls for patience, knowledge and sensitivity. 

Videography and Filmmaking

I have years of experience telling stories in words and film. I am naturally curious and have a knack for interviews. We’ll tell the right story the right way for the audience you care about.

Writing and web content

Years of experience writing and editing with target audiences in mind makes a difference. It’s about point of view, word choices, readability and faithfulness to brand goals.

Recent Projects

Delivering Impact: Doing it for the Pathways to Wellness Conference

Delivering Impact: Doing it for the Pathways to Wellness ConferenceHow can you use promotional video for an event to show the impact it delivers?  That's a challenge I took on as a side pursuit of my coordination of the Pathways to Wellness Conference, held online...

Dust and Bustle at Dawn

The 8 a.m. sun shining through dust makes a pretty picture. I dropped in on a construction site that's part of the Interstate 66 widening project. It's a lot more than widening, though. I was interested in seeing how the roadside trail was shaping up. This was part of...

VIDEO: Ten Steps to Independent Living

My fifth video project of the year with Integrated Living Opportunities of Maryland was a brisk step in a new direction.

Kicking Off Autumn with a Busy Week of Photography

I had a busy schedule of photography last week that took me to different corners of Fairfax County and twice to Fredericksburg. It was fun to get out of the house, for sure, and the weather pretty much cooperated when it needed to.

VIDEO: The Freedom to Choose

Living in his own apartment gave Ben big decisions to make. He used supported decision making as he choose whom to live with. And he found a new sense of freedom and empowerment in the process. Ben uses a letter board to...

VIDEO: Choosing to Live a Healthy Life

Skye has built a big team of supporters to help with all kinds of decisions. In this short film, she talks about the decisions she makes every day to eat good foods, get enough exercise and accomplish the goals she has set for her life.

VIDEO: Should I Go or Shouldn’t I?

When Conner needed to decide whether to go to Disney World during the COVID-19 pandemic, he looked at it from all sides.

VIDEO: Creating a Trust in Three Easy Steps This is a new video in the series I am creating for The Arc of Northern Virginia's Special Needs Trust Program. There's a common process for all the trusts The Arc sets up for people with disabilities. This lays it out in three minutes....

PHOTOS: Head of the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative

An article in Virginia Business magazine feature two photos I took of Luiz DaSilva.

VIDEO: “ILO Rescued Us”

Going from fear of the unknown to confidence in skills and independence is a natural process for all of us. Integrated Living Opportunities helps it happen for people with disabilities moving to independent housing. "Rescue" is a strong word to use, but it's the right...

Stories are Journeys

Every journey, like every story, has a beginning, a middle and an end. People through a land that somehow changes, somehow challenges them. And at the end of the trip, and of the story, something has changed in a meaningful way.

Will Schermerhorn looks at the whole story, working from a background as a reporter, a photographer, a website product manager, a filmmaker, an editor and an online content marketing instructor. It’s helpful to know where the tech meets the text and where psychology puts tripwires that kill engagement.



SPARC clubs

“Will’s photos show the spirit and personalities of our friends in SPARC clubs. He’s patient and perceptive and that’s why his photos tell our story so well.”
-Donna Goldbranson


The Arc of Northern Virginia

“I’ve worked with many videographers, but Will has the unique ability to take my ideas and craft them into a video that transforms all who see it.”
-Kymberly DeLoatche

Formed Families Forward

“Will brought a careful, creative perspective to our video series on the effects of traumatic stress on schoolchildren. He’s a true collaborator and a pleasure to work with.”
-Kelly Henderson

RCM of Washington

“Will took time to truly understand the messages we were trying to convey. His photos have been key in elevating the quality of our marketing materials and website.”
-Susan Brooks




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