Going from fear of the unknown to confidence in skills and independence is a natural process for all of us. Integrated Living Opportunities helps it happen for people with disabilities moving to independent housing.

“Rescue” is a strong word to use, but it’s the right word for Andrea Kline. She had searched for an organization that could help her structure an independent life for her son Ben Kabaker. ILO was the solution.

A little more than three years ago, I left my long-time job running the website for Special Olympics International. My first client after that was Integrated Living Opportunities, a nonprofit based in Washington, D.C.

I’m delighted to be working with Maedi Tanham Carney again on a new set of videos to promote her excellent organization.

ILO guides people with any kind of disability into independent housing, providing and coordinating supportive services needed for that. But simply being in an apartment of your own is not the point.

The latest video I created for ILO shows how nervousness about moving out turns to confidence. And that’s for both the self-advocate with a disability and their family!

As its name suggests, Integrated Living Opportunities focuses on forging community connections for every self-advocate with a disability.

Genuine community connections form a support system that lasts longer and fills different needs than paid supports do.

It’s exciting to see. It’s exciting to show in photos and videos, too.