A man in a suit stands on a curved set of stairs outside of a majestic building.
Troy D. Paino, president at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

I had a busy schedule of photography last week that took me to different corners of Fairfax County and twice to Fredericksburg. It was fun to get out of the house, for sure, and the weather pretty much cooperated when it needed to.

Two men in suits and cloth masks lean against a rail , and a screen behind them shows COVID-19 In Context
Keith Mellinger (left), Dean, College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Mary Washington; and Anand Rao (gray suit), Professor of Communication..
A woman with a blue jacket stands on a city street with a shops lining the street.
Mary Katherine Greenlaw is the mayor of the city of Fredericksburg, Virginia. Photos taken on Caroline Street in the city’s Old Town area.
A man in a baseball cap smiles as he leans on a railing. A baseball stadium infield is being him.
Seth Silber, owner of the Fredericksburg Nationals baseball team, at the team’s new stadium.
A man wearing a yellow vest and hardhat stands in front of earthmoving equipment
David Yergin-Doniger is president of WG Construction Co. Inc. of Manassas.