The 8 a.m. sun shining through dust makes a pretty picture.

I dropped in on a construction site that’s part of the Interstate 66 widening project. It’s a lot more than widening, though. I was interested in seeing how the roadside trail was shaping up. This was part of my ongoing photography work with Fairfax County’s Office of Public Affairs.

Tunnels Through Onramps

The trail will pass beside the interstate. The cloverleaf intersections pose a challenge of getting walkers, runners and cyclists safely through. Several of the intersections will have tunnels buried under the on- and off-ramps. The photos above show the work in an early phase. The workers are preparing the floor and walls of a tunnel. After the concrete for the walls is set, the crew will add a stout roof. And then the whole structure will be buried.

A glimpse of the future

The orange lines show the route of the multi-user trail planned for the intersection of Nutley Road and Interstate 66 in Fairfax County. See how it goes under the roadway at the top of the drawing? It ducks under again at the left, then winds beautifully across the interstate. I can’t wait to see that for real.